KNMtravel sustainability policy

Internal social and environment management

•    We implement equal opportunity regardless gender, nationalities and religions and ensure employees’ welfare is up to standard.
•    “Reduce, reuse and recycle” principal is implemented at the office. The reduction of one time use plastic by using our own drinking bottle or cup while guests are encouraged to take coffee at bars next door (as office is in the old town center). We are reducing or avoiding printing in all respects, when it is not possible, two-sided printing is a common practice. Energy and water usage is regulated to achieve energy efficiency while waste management is currently done for bio waste, paper, plastique or glass waste.
•    All staff work from home during the pandemic time, otherwise, share-car, public transfer or even cycling is encouraged. For those who live nearby the office, walking is the main way to commute.

Supply chains

•    Coach is the main mode of travel for groups while some FIT guests use local transport such as bus or train to move around. Low emission coaches are used whenever possible.
•    We work with local suppliers who follow code of conduct that are implied at international/local level. It also secures jobs for the local communities.
•    We are updated with the latest hotel options.  Our priority is given to locally and environmentally friendly accommodations when packaging our own products.  Alternatively, we suggest sustainable options to be included in our B2B partners’ products.

On destinations

•    Wherever possible, we select attractions that are of natural, cultural and historical significance.
•    We offer clients suggestions on destinations that are aware of the sustainable development as alternatives.
•    As an inbound DMC, we work with national bodies and participate in sustainable tourism development in our main destinations-Slovenia and Croatia.

Customer relation

•    Customers are given suggestions on their travel plans and depending on the nature/purpose of the plan, sustainable options would be offered depending on the availability.
•    Customers are well-informed before their departure. They receive a comprehensive information pack about the destinations that includes safety and health, dos and don’ts, attitudes toward locals etc.
•    Customers are always encouraged to give us feedback regarding their trip either at our destinations or oversea. Claims are taken care within timely manner though a proper manual is yet to be developed.
•    Where-ever possible, local guides are hired to accommodate groups, particularly at nature reserves, national parks, and historical heritages, which helps to ensure that proper information is given.
•    Together with certain clients abroad, we select and give proper training to our local representatives for specific groups to ensure that proper information and code of conducts are passed on to our customers during their whole trip. 


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